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The Czech rowing association and VK SLAVOJ Litoměřice


Saturday, August 29th, 2020 – Sunday, August 30th, 2020

Submit your applications by August 24th, 2020 (Monday)

Sign up : Fill in the registration form and send it to the email address


The draw will be held on the 25th of August, 2020 at 6 PM

Orders for accommodation should be submitted by June 30th, 2020.

Lane for the Labe River at 2,000 m and 1,500 m for five boats, at 1.000 m, 500 m and 300 m for six boats, free starts.



  1. The races will be divided, it’s time schedule will be determined upon the draw.
  2. The exception is the race no. 16 1x juniors and the race no. 20 2x dky which are being held as a progress race. The winning crew will be awarded by a commemorative photograph of the winner’s prize and a sports watch. The 3rd and 2nd place racers will be announced and awarded as well.
  3. Only 25 crews can sign up for the races no. 16 and 20. The winning crews can continue to the A finale + other crews from the second places may continue according to the smallest time gap from the winner of their race. From the second places may continue only such number of crews so that only 5 crews can participate in the finale race. So in the case of 5 races (21 to 25 signed up racers), only the winning crews of each individual race may continue to the finale. In case of participation of at least 16 crews, there will be a B finale as well, where the second place participants, who did not make it into the A finale + the third place crews, according to the smallest gap from the winner of their race, may continue to the B finale in order to fill it in.
  4. The winning crew of the race no. 60 8+ dci – Karel Merunka memorial will be awarded by a commemorative photograph of the winner’s cup.
  5. All crews start at their own risk. That is why they must follow the navigation regulations and must follow the organizer’s instructions.
  6. There is a fee of CZK 100 per slide in the Masters category.
  7. In the races labelled as MIX masters there is always the same number of rowers from both master categories.
  8. In the MIX races no. 33, 34 and 66 the crew must be comprised by the same number of boys and girls. This ratio does not have to be respected in the race no. 67 ( the race is primarily intended for parents with their children and coaches with their charges).
  9. MIX races no. 33 and 34 will run at 500 m track and the races no. 66 and 67 will run at 300 m track.

10.  For the MIX races no. 34, 66 and 67 the crew will be admitted only on the condition of using the macon oars by the whole crew.

11.  In the joint races of juniors and women there may be women and juniors within the same crew.

12.  Categories:       žcim/ žkym year of birth            2008-2009

Žcis/ žkys year of birth              2006-2007

Dci/ dky year of birth                2004-2005

Signing up an older competitor can be done only with the permission of the race director.

13.  The club championship: the first three crews in each race (except for the race no. 33, 34, 66 and 67 and races in the Masters category) will be scored. At the end of the regatta the first three clubs with the most points will be announced and awarded. Scoring as follows: the first boat 4 points, the second boat 2 points and the third boat 1 point regardless the number of boat in each race.

14.  The meeting of the clubs representatives and the referee committee will be held on Saturday August 31st, 2019 at 8:00 AM at the organizer’s clubhouse. The club’s presentation will take place from 7:00 to 8:00 AM.

15.  On Saturday at 7 PM, after the races are finished, we would like to welcome all friends to rowing to our annual party with live music which will take place at the VK Slavoj Litoměřice club area ( in case of bad weather it will take place in the shipyard)


PROGRAMM :                         August 29th, 2020 (Saturday)

1.              4+mM                                                  19.        4x- žM

2.              2x žM                                                  20.        2x dkyO cenu města Litoměřice

3.              4x- jři + M                                            21.        1x žkym12

4.              2x dci                                                  22.        2x mM

5.              4x+ žcis                                               23.        4- dci

6.              1x mM                                                 24.        2- jky+ž

7.              2x žkym                                               25.        1x žcim11

8.              1x dky                                                 26.        4- mM

9.              2- žM                                                   27.        2x žcis

10.            4x- dci                                                 28.        4- jři + M

11.            2x žcim                                                29.        1x žcim12

12.            1x jky                                                  30.        8+ žM

13.            4x+ žkys                                              31.        2x žkys

14.            1x žM                                                  32.        4- jky+ž

15.            4x- mM                                                33.        MIX 2x dci/jři + dky/ jky

16.            1x jři Memoriál Josefa Straky                34.        MIX 4x+ žcis + žkys

17.            2x m                                                    35.        8+ mM

18.            1x žkym11

August 30th, 2020 (Sunday)

36.            2x žkys                                                51.        4+ žcis

37.            4x+ žkym                                             52.        2xžcim

38.            1x dci                                                  53.        4x- MIXmasters

39.            2x jři                                                    54.        2x jky+ž

40.            4x- dky                                                55.        1x žkys 13

41.            4x+ žcim                                              56.        2- jři + M

42.            2x žcis                                                 57.        4- žM

43.            1x ž                                                     58.        8+ dciMemoriál Karla Merunky

44.            2- mM                                                  59.        1x žkys14

45.            1x m                                                    60.        4- dky

46.            2- dky                                                  61.        8+ jři

47.            4x- jky+ž                                              62.        1x žcis 13

48.            4+ žkys                                                63.        2x MIXMasters

49.            2x žkym                                               64.        1x žcis 14

50.            2- dci                                                   65.        8+m

Finále A,B20.        2x dkyO cenu města Litoměřice 66.       MIX 4x+ žcim + žkym

Finále A,B16.        1x jři Memoriál Josefa Straky                67.        MIX 2x (m/ž+žcim/žkym/žkys/žcis)


žkym/s/- Puplis – Girls 11-12/13-14            jky- Junior - Girls

žcim/s/- Puplis – Boys 11-12/13-14             jři  - Junior - Boys

dky     - Youth - Girsl                                   ž    - Women

dci      - Youth - Boys                                   m   - Men

žM- Masters - Women                                 mM- Masters - Men

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